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Human Interest Mission

The More Amour Foundation seeks to expand the public interest and awareness of various issues affecting the local and global community as they impact us all. The Foundation will expose communities and people most affected by the limitation’s poor education, poverty and inequality generate to resources, programs and information. This will enable them to reach their full potential; mentally, physically, and emotionally, greatly improving their quality of life. Additionally, through Human Interest the foundation will feature profiles of individuals who have greatly achieved despite humble beginnings as well as the experiences and emotions of individuals that greatly mirror our own and impact our daily lives in ways known and unknown.  

Individual and community capacity development
grants and programming.

The More Amour Awareness Campaigns

  • Healthy Eating & Fitness

  • Mental Health & Stress Control

  • Credit & Investment 101

  • Melanated & Missing

90 Day Fitness Focused Cohort

The 90 Day Fitness Focused Cohort aims to empower individuals struggling with a weight related illness(es), precursor to illness or health challenge, the tools necessary to successfully shed excess pounds negatively impacting them physically, mentally and emotionally. 


The Foundation seeks to provide persons who have applied for and have been accepted into the program the following wholistic based resources:

  • Complementary 120 day gym membership

  • Bi-weekly access to a registered nutritionist (90 days) 

  • Twice a week access to a certified personal trainer (90 days)

  • Weekly access to a licensed professional therapist (90 days)

More information regarding the program is available upon reviewing the application

Humanitarian Assistance/International Development Awareness

  • Local & Global economic development initiatives

  • Personal development seminars/feature stories.

  • The Rosie L. Muhammad Women & Children Memorial Fund

Rosie L. Muhammad was purposeful in her mission to help others. Her career as a social worker began in 1990 and spanned over thirty years. She earned her Master of Social Work in 2007 and dedicated her life to helping ensure that children and families were provided adequate housing, food and clothing, as well as programming and resources that offered a path out of poverty.  For nearly seventeen years, she was employed with the Salvation Army Family Outreach Initiative. This memorial fund will help to continue her legacy of giving. 

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