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Education Mission

The More Amour Foundation will support students seeking higher education. The Foundation will provide financial assistance in the form of grants and scholarships to secondary, vocational, and collegiate educational institutions. Tuition and grants will also be provided exclusively for foreign language study. 


We believe that everyone should be afforded the opportunity of higher education regardless of one’s economic status.  The inability to fund education should not prevent bright, talented students from advancing academically.  Additionally, education should be free from financial stress. The burden of financial stress contributes to the dropout rate and unmanageable student loan debt.  Due to students working long hours and multiple jobs, excessive time is taken away from academics.  The Foundation will provide assistance to, diminish the potential of such 




Tuition Scholarships & Achievement Grants

  • Tuition Scholarships

  • Book Grants

  • Doing Great Grants (A&B grade earning students)



Mrs. Donna J. McNabb Memorial Foreign Language Scholarship  

  • Foreign Language Courses

  • Foreign Language Tutoring

  • Study Abroad/Language Immersion Trips

Donna J. McNabb was a life-long educator.  She looked forward to greeting her students and was overjoyed to help them explore a foreign language. Mrs. McNabb taught high school French. Even after retirement, she loved to provide tutoring to anyone needing the extra help. This foreign language memorial fund will help continue her legacy, for not only students exploring French but for a variety of other foreign languages as well.  

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